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The Town of Polk consists of  13,430 acres with clear rippling creeks, crystal clear lakes, hardwood forests and large kettle shaped land formations, combining local farming with suburban living.  Its' access to State Hwy 60, US Hwy 41, and US Hwy 45 make it an attractive place to live, by connecting community life with museums and the arts.  

Google Map location:,+Slinger,+WI+53086/@43.3334634,-88.2390361,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x880459c4e9ea970f:0xd7f53cfe35f83bfa

Town of Polk
3680 State Hwy 60
Slinger, WI 53086

Phone #262-677-2123 (#2 Clerk) (#3 Zoning Secretary) (#4 Building Inspection) or (#5 Treasurer)

Fax     #262-677-2423                      E-mail

Marlyss K. Thiel, Town Clerk

The Town Hall is open:  Monday - Thursday, 7:30 a.m. until Noon. (Except holidays.)  



The Washington County Full Service Clean Sweep is an opportunity for county residents to properly dispose or recycle unwanted hazardous chemicals, electronic goods, medications and used tires.  A $10.00 pre-registration fee is required for the Hazardous Waste and/or Electronic Goods Collection with a participation limit of 250 vehicles per event.  The Pharmaceutical Collection Only is free and participation is unlimited.  The Tire Collection is also unlimited participation and disposal fees apply.  Detailed information for each collection is below.  You can help keep Washington County's surface and groundwater clean through participating in this program.

Next Collection:
Saturday, October 10, 2015
West Bend Highway Shop (900 Lang St.)

Contact Information:
Land & Water Conservation Division
333 E. Washington St., Suite 2300
West Bend, WI  53095
Office: 262.335.4800
24 Hour Hotline: 262.335.4808 


Stay Informed by signing up for The Town of Polk News Updates by E-Mail. Send us your name/address and a request to be added to our listing:


Representatives for all of Polk are:

Assembly District, Bob Gannon(District 58):

Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (5th District)

County Supervisor, Marilyn Merten (District 17):











Assessor's office: Grota Appraisals.   - Website:  Office Phone:  # 262.253.1142

Department of Transportation Plans, studies and projects for the Southeast Transportation Region of Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha counties.


Events in the Town of Polk:  August 8, 2015  is the 18th Annual Wheeling for Healing Family Bike Ride to support the Cancer Care Center at Community Memorial Hospital. Information brochure, registration, and route in the Town of Polk


WHEN WALKING YOUR PETS, be sure to wear bright colored clothing so you are visible to vehicles on the road.

NOTICE REQUESTED BY FIRE AND AMBULANCE SERVICES: Low hanging branches and shrubs can slow down or block access to homes or businesses when emergency vehicles come to help. Most fire and rescue vehicles are much taller than personal vehicles, so please trim trees and shrubs over public roads and private driveways.  Seconds count.




DNR Burn Warnings Map of Wisconsin Counties:

Town of Polk Ordinance No: 10-09

Ordinance Relating Campfires and Bonfires



 Bonfire: An outdoor fire of clean, untreated wood kindled to mark a public event, victory celebration, or similar occurrence.


Campfire: A small outdoor fire constructed within a fire pit or surrounded by a fire ring: intended for recreation or cooking. 


 Fire pit: A barrier to keep the fire from escaping out of control.  Constructed of stones, tire rim, or commercial fire rings at least 11 inches deep.

  (1) Location Restricted. Permitted bonfires shall be located not less than 50 (fifty) feet from any structure, hay stack, fuel storage, overhanging branches, and dense dry grass.

 (2) Materials for Burning. Materials for bonfires shall consist of dry material only, and shall follow the same restricted materials listed in 5.11 of the Town Code, Burning Permit Regulations.

 (3) Prohibited Activity.  Using accelerants (oil, waste oil, gasoline, diesel fuel, etc.) to either start, accelerate, or prolong the burn is prohibited.

 (4) Size of the Bonfire. The base of the fire shall not be larger than 10 feet in diameter, with bare soil around where your campfire is going to be.   The fire must be enclosed by barrier set at a distance sufficient enough to provide maximum safety, and be constantly monitored by the person responsible for scene security.

 (5) Scene Security. A responsible person shall be designated for the safety of the bonfire area. This person must be identified as the contact person to meet with the Fire Department if any unusual concerns arise.

 (6) Adequate Fire Suppression. An adequate fire suppression source must be immediately available sufficient to extinguish the fire if it threatens the safety of the event.  A water source, under pressure, must be available and able to surround the entire burn pile.

 (7) Extinguishment. After completion of the celebration the bonfire must be completely extinguished and a fire watch must be provided for a sufficient amount of time to ensure that the fire does not rekindle.  Check the entire area outside the fire circle for any hot embers. Add water to your fire to extinguish and stir until it is cold.

 (8)Complaints. Complaints received by the Fire/Police Departments regarding smoke or ash residue infringing on adjacent properties will require the such fires be immediately extinguished or be subject to the general penalty of this code.

(9) Right of Entry and Inspection.  Any representative of the local Fire Department or Police/Sheriff’s Department in Washington County who presents credentials, may inspect any property for the purpose of ascertaining compliance with the provisions of this ordinance.   The Fire Chief or Police/Sheriff also may access the property to extinguish uncontrolled fire in order to protect the safety of persons and property.  

EFFECTIVE DATEAdopted this 8th  day of June, 2010. 

 Attested By: Marlyss K. Thiel,  Town Clerk


Ordinance No: 10-08
Burning Permits
BURN PERMITS are available during office hours, at the Town of Polk, at no charge. One permit is good for 4 weeks.

Town of Polk Ordinance No: 10-08 Burning Permits in the Town of Polk

The Town of Polk of Washington County, does hereby ordain as follows:

A Burning Permit is required in the Town of Polk for the burning of branches, brush, leaves, garden waste, and weeds. Burning of these items, is permissible after obtaining a Burning Permit from the Town Clerk.  No other materials are allowed to be burned. This is a DNR rule.

 Twenty Acres or More: The open burning of brush, abandoned crops, leaves, grass, and similar open fires may occur on parcels of land of 20 (twenty acres) or more without a permit when done by the owner or occupant, subject to the following:

1. No such open fire may be started except between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.

2. No such open fire shall be started until the Washington County Sheriff’s Department is notified of the time and the location.


You are responsible for calling the Washington County  Sheriff’s Department, to report that you will be burning.  

1.  You are still responsible for the fire that you start. A responsible adult must attend to the fire at all times, during the burning.  The party obtaining the Burning Permit is responsible for damage caused by such fire, if it should become out of control.  Attending a fire means a physical presence with a means to extinguish the fire, including a rake, shovel, hose connections an other materials used as fire safety precautions.  Do NOT use accelerants such as gasoline, or any other chemical that would escalate burning. 

2.  Any person which violates the terms of this section, or burns in a manner which results in a fire run from any fire department, shall, be liable for any costs incurred by such fire, including but not limited to fire department charges, county sheriff department charges, and any damages caused by such fire.

3. Locate the fire a minimum of 50 (fifty) feet from any occupied dwelling, wood structure, street, alley, property line, or building.

4. Care should be taken regarding the direction of smoke travel so as to not create a nuisance for neighbors. In the event of unsafe burning conditions (high winds, dry conditions or any other hazards), burning should be suspended.

 5. Any person violating this ordinance by not following the rules herein, or any person violating this ordinance BY NOT obtaining a current Burning Permit from the Town of Polk, shall be subject to a forfeiture of $50.00 (fifty dollars) plus statutory costs, for the first offense and $250.00 (two hundred fifty dollars) plus statutory costs, for the second offense occurring within a twelve (12) month period of time, payable to the Town of Polk for violating this ordinance.  This fee is in addition to other costs incurred because of such fire set by person(s) obtaining a burning permit in the Town of Polk.

 6. Burning Permits may be obtained from the Town of Polk Town Clerk’s office from 7:30 a.m. - 12:00 Noon Monday - Thursday at the Town Hall. This permit will be issued for 4 (four) weeks.  It can be renewed.



The Town of Polk PROHIBITS the burning the following materials:

            a. Household garbage.

            b. Oily substances including greasy rags, oil filters, etc.

            c. Asphalt shingles or tar paper.

            d. Plastics including plastic bottles, plastic bags.

            e. Rubber products including tires and hoses.

            f. Wet, combustible rubbish including wet cardboard or paper.

            g. Painted or treated wood.

            h. Foam.

            i. Furniture.

            g. Wire, Metal, Aluminum, Vinyl products.


Recycling has been a top priority for the Town of Polk.  We strive to follow the laws governing the state of Wisconsin regarding the regulations of reducing, reusing, and recycling.  The Town of Polk encourages the composting or chipping of yard waste.  Residents are encouraged to drop off their yard waste at the Town Recycling Center. 


This ordinance shall repeal Section 9.12 OPEN BURNING of the Town of Polk Fire Protection Code. 


This ordinance shall take effect immediately upon passage and posting.

Adopted this 8th  day of June, 2010.

Attest: Marlyss K. Thiel, Town Clerk.



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—Upcoming Meetings—
Wisconsin Town's Association - Washington County Local Unit - 7:00 p.m. - 8/31/2015  
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