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The Town of Polk consists of  13,430 acres with clear rippling creeks, crystal clear lakes, hardwood forests and large kettle shaped land formations, combining local farming with suburban living.  Its' access to State Hwy 60, US Hwy 41, and US Hwy 45 make it an attractive place to live, by connecting community life with museums and the arts.  

Google Map location:,+Slinger,+WI+53086/@43.3334634,-88.2390361,12z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x880459c4e9ea970f:0xd7f53cfe35f83bfa

Town of Polk
3680 State Hwy 60
Slinger, WI 53086

Phone #262-677-2123 (#2 Clerk) (#3 Zoning Secretary) (#4 Building Inspection) or (#5 Treasurer)

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TOWN HALL will be closed Monday May 30, 2016 in observance of Memorial Day - have a safe holiday!


NEW HOURS - EFFECTIVE MARCH 1, 2016 the Town Hall will be open Monday, Wednesday and Thursday 7:30 am - NOON and TUESDAY from 2:30 pm - 7:00 pm  (except holidays)


2016 OPEN BOOK and BOARD of REVIEW Notices have been posted and published and are available for reference under the "Agendas and Minutes" tab.  Please refer to those documents for procedural and other requirements before appearing.

OPEN BOOK - April 29, 2016 from 10am - 5pm.  Appointments are highly recommended - contact Grota Appraisals at 262-253-1142.

BOARD OF REVIEW June 3, 2016 from 9:00 am - 11:00 am.


Election Night Results:   (April 5, 2016)   _1839_____ voters

___233__ Absentee ballots returned   __27___  Absentee ballots not returned

___0___ Provisional ballots






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Representatives for all of Polk are:

Assembly District, Bob Gannon(District 58):

Congressman F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (5th District)

County Supervisor, Marilyn Merten (District 17):
Assessor's office: Grota Appraisals.   - Website:  Office Phone:  # 262.253.1142

Department of Transportation Plans, studies and projects for the Southeast Transportation Region of Kenosha, Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Racine, Walworth, Washington and Waukesha counties.


Letter from Chairman Schulteis

With the New Year comes the hope for refreshing change and appreciation of existing and sometimes overlooked blessings.

#1) we woke up this morning. (Beats the alternative)

#2) another opportunity to positively impact another individual’s day.

(So you didn’t win the lottery—just try a friendly hello.)

Enough of the philosophy; though important.

As I’m sure you are aware, the Town of Polk Referendum passed with overwhelming support. Within days of the passage, our budget was finalized, and as proposed, all funds from it were delegated to highway improvements.

Every two years our roads are rated (one being poor condition, to ten, newly constructed) by a system known as the PASER rating. Since early December the Town has had industry representatives as well as an impartial third party, view the roads (Yes all of our roads) so we get the most for your tax dollars. Using the PASER rating and the Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads, or WISLR, we have under $2.5 million in repairs and maintenance to address at this time. With the addition of just over $200,000.00 from the referendum, we have the means to START this process. At an estimated cost per mile in excess $125,000.00 to rebuild a mile of roadway, $200,000.00 doesn’t go far considering the Town has just under 58 miles. By the end of January, the priorities will be determined, estimates of repair costs considered, and bids “let” in March so projects can be scheduled.

As you can see from the cost breakdown chart on below, the Town has less than two and a half (2.31) miles of roadway that DO NOT require some sort of attention. We have our work cut out for us.

Polk Estimated Cost Per Mile PASER Rating

*Pavement Surface Evaluation & Rating (PASER) is 1-10 rating system for Road Pavement  conditions developed by Univ. of WI Transportation Information Center.

**The costs in this table were developed using the Wisconsin Information System for Local Roads.



WISLR Estimated Total Cost**
















Mill and Overlay








Sealcoat w/Patching or Thin Overlay








Crack sealing




No Treatment Needed




No Treatment Needed




No Treatment Needed





We have had numerous residents share concerns about projects in their locality. To this we say thank you for your open and honest input. None were surprises.

We will keep you informed as this progresses.

Respectfully submitted, Albert Schulteis  


NOTICE REQUESTED BY FIRE AND AMBULANCE SERVICES: Low hanging branches and shrubs can slow down or block access to homes or businesses when emergency vehicles come to help. Most fire and rescue vehicles are much taller than personal vehicles, so please trim trees and shrubs over public roads and private driveways.  Seconds count.


DNR Burn Warnings Map of Wisconsin Counties:


American Transmission Co., which owns and operates the high-voltage electric transmission system in portions of the Upper Midwest is partnering with Aerial Solutions, Inc., a company that specializes in tree management by helicopter, to maintain the transmission line rights-of-way in your region.

This work is done using a heavy-duty air saws with rotary blades suspended on a 90- to 100-foot vertical boom from the helicopter. The saws will side trim the trees located at the outer edges of the right-of-way to achieve adequate clearances. While this type of right-of-way vegetation maintenance typically takes places in more rural locations, it’s still important for area residents to stay a safe distance away of at least 300 feet.

A map of the upcoming work can be found here.





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