Town of Polk, Wisconsin

The Town of Polk consists of 13,430 acres with clear rippling creeks, crystal clear lakes, hardwood forests and large kettle shaped land formations, combining local farming with suburban living. Its access to State Hwy 60, US Hwy 41, and US Hwy 45 make it an attractive place to live, by connecting community life with museums and the arts.

Town of Polk

3680 State Hwy 60 Slinger, WI 53086

Phone: 262-677-2123
Extensions: Town clerk: 2, Zoning: 3, Building Inspection: 4, Treasurer: 5
Fax: 262-677-2423

All real estate tax payments being made after January 31, 2019
should be directed to the office of the Washington County Treasurer.

November 6 2018 Election Results

2393 Total voters

515 Absentee ballots

0 Provisional ballots

1 overseas ballots

Upcoming Elections: 

April 2, 2018 – Spring Election

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  • State Senate: Duey Strobel (District 20), Website
  • State Assembly: Rick Gundrum (District 58)
  • House of Representatives: F. James Sensenbrenner, Jr. (WI 5th District): Website
  • County Supervisor: Marilyn Merten (District 17), Email:
  • Assessor's office: Grota Appraisals Website
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A Letter from Chairman Schulteis

 It may be hard to believe, but the summer of 2018 is complete. The County Fairs are a memory, long summer nights are getting shorter already and road projects are winding down.

    Starting in the Fall of 2017, the Town applied for “local road improvement projects” through a program developed by the State of Wisconsin and administered by our individual counties, and also a program designed to aid local municipalities through a “matching grant” on major projects. Starting in October of 2017, finalized in January, the Town of Polk completed the application process and in late April of 2018, was accepted to receive a matching grant to rebuild Cedar Creek Rd, from Hillside Rd to Kettle Ridge Trail. At that point engineering needed to be completed, but the timeline for competitive bidding had passed for the 2018 road building season on such a detailed undertaking.

      With the advice of neighboring Townships that have gone this same route on receiving State funding, the Board, along with input from our highway department, opted to do our homework in engineering and timely bidding. This fall we will be finalizing the bidding detail so we can bid it early in the year to receive the most competitive results for your tax dollars. Since it is a matching grant from the State, compliance to detail is essential.

      That being said, 2017 projects were adjusted accordingly. We have allotted all referendum tax dollars as proposed.

Asphalt projects included:

1.      Pulverize, rebase as needed and replace the pavement on South Shore Drive.

2.      Mill, overlay and repave Sherman Road in two locations

3.      Level longitudinal cracks with a flexpatch, covered by a polymer base rubberized emulsion, chipped and swept after a few weeks, to remove loose stone on two sites. This is a relatively new process due to new products developed, not just the old chip seal program of the past. Foxboro Court, in the Birnamwood subdivision, and Meadow Lane in Cedar Lake Hills received this application.

4.      Due to the wet spring, we also had a cul de sac asphalt failure in Peaceful Hills subdivision that is scheduled for repair this fall yet.

5.      We also had four culverts replaced this summer that need to be prepped and asphalted.

General maintenance is an ongoing routine and I would like to commend our Highway Department employee Roy Wenninger for his part of making it fall together. As you can tell, we don’t run out of projects. If you are like most individuals, some of these sites are not even familiar to you or didn’t know they were part of “us”, the Town of Polk.

As always, trying to keep you informed.

Albert Schulteis, Chairperson


Low hanging branches and shrubs

Foliage over roads can slow down or block access to homes or businesses when emergency vehicles come to help.
Most fire and rescue vehicles are much taller than personal vehicles, so please trim trees and shrubs over public roads and private driveways. Seconds count.





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Printed Saturday, February 16, 2019